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Remove White Spaces

Remove White Spaces by Editpad is an online tool that is designed to help you remove all the spaces from your text. You can also use the tool to replace extra and unnecessary spaces with a single space.

How to Use the Free Remove White Spaces Tool?

Here are simple steps to remove spaces from your writing with our online Remove WhiteSpaces tool:

  • Enter your text into the white spaces remover tool.

  • Choose one of the options; Remove all whitespaces or Remove extra whitespaces.

  • Press the “Remove Spaces” to run the tool.

  • Get your results from the output section of the tool.


1. How can I remove all whitespaces?

To remove all whitespaces from your text, use Editpad’s Remove white spaces tool. There you just need to paste text in the input box, select remove all the whitespaces option, and run the tool.

2. Where is white space used?

Whitespaces are the empty spaces that are used between the words of a content. These are used for balancing the page design, organizing written content, as well as elements to enhance their visual experience.

3. Is white space good or bad?

Generally, using whitespaces is not bad as they are essential to design elements for better web design. However, their excessive use of website content is considered bad practice.


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