Cover Letter Generator

Cover Letter Generator by Editpad is an online tool that uses advanced AI systems to quickly generate a cover letter for any type of prompt or topic.

How to Use the Cover Letter Builder?

To generate your relevant cover letters by Editpad’s Cover Letter Generator tool. You simply need to follow the below steps:

  • Type or paste your over-letter topic or prompt.

  • Click the “Submit” button.

  • The cover letter builder will provide a relevant but general cover letter in the output box.

  • You can copy or Download the cover letter and personalize it.

Features of the AI Cover Letter Generator

Our Cover letter creating tool comes up with the following cutting-edge features:

  • Use Advanced AI:

Our cover letter builder tool uses innovative and the most advanced AI technology to write relevant cover letters for every type of job role.

  • Fast Generation:

The Cover Letter Creator is super fast to generate any type of cover letter around any topic. The tool barely takes a few seconds to generate a cover letter.

  • High-Quality Cover Letters:

Our tool generates high-quality cover letters that have a unique, clear, and professional tone. It makes sure that cover letters are relevant to the provided input.

  • Download Options:

The Editpad’s Cover Letter Writer provides multiple options to get output. You can either “Copy to Clipboard” or “Download” the cover letter in a file to your device.

Why Use the AI Cover Letter Generator by Editpad?

You should use our cover letter writer for the following reasons:

Accurate and Relevant

Advanced AI Technology

Time Efficient

Quickly Generates Cover Letter

Creative Tool

Beat Writer's Block

Improved Readability

Ensure Consistency and Correct Grammar

High Relevant Skills

Write Cover Letters Based on the Prompt


Free to Use


1. What is the purpose of the AI  Cover Letter generator?

The AI cover letter generator is mainly built to help people easily write high-quality cover letters relevant to their skills, and save time.

2. Is it okay to use a cover letter creator?

Yes, it is entirely okay to use a cover letter creator tool. However, you must review and personalize the generated cover letters according to your skills, job role, and company.

3. Do I need a cover letter?

In most cases, you need to include a cover letter in the job application. This is because a cover letter will considerably increase your chances of selection.


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