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AI Story Generator

AI story generator by Editpad quickly writes compelling stories based on your prompt with interesting plots using AI without any sign-up.

Our free story maker creates every type of fictional and nonfictional story to ignite your imagination to avoid the frustration of thinking about a plot.

How to use Editpad's AI Story Generator?

Follow these simple steps below to use our AI story generator:

  1. Type the prompt of your story in the input box.
  2. After typing the prompt click on the “Write Story” button.
  3. Editpad's story generator will automatically write a story within seconds without any registration.
  4. After that, you can copy and download the story from the output box.

Features of our Story Maker

Our story maker comes with the following features:

  • AI Generated Stories

    Editpad AI story generator uses advanced machine learning and NLP models to write creative and imaginative stories at a human level by understanding the given prompt.
  • Story Length

    Our story writer allows you to adjust the length of the story you want to generate or write between "Short", "Medium", "Long" and "Extensive".
  • Story Type

    Editpad AI Story Writer also offers 9 types of story writing modes, such as Standard, Original, Classic, Humor, Sci-Fi, Romance, Thriller, Horror, and Realism.
  • Creativity Level

    You not only just write AI generated stories, but also adjust the creativity level because our story maker also offers this feature for storytellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an AI that writes stories?

Yes, Editpad offers a free AI story generator that writes creative, engaging, comprehensive, and unique stories based on your prompts.

Can AI write short stories?

Yes, AI can write short stories and Editpad story generator can help you write them. Thanks to its advanced AI language model, you can write short stories, novels, or screenplays in seconds.

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