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Book Title Generator

Editpad’s AI Book Title Generator uses powerful AI & language models to create book titles. Generate your next book title according to your genre, keywords, and desired tone.

AI Book Name Generator Tool helps authors and publishers to get title ideas for their books. 

Features of Book Title Generator:

Some of the best features of our book title generator tool are below:

  • Genre selection: Editpad’s book title generator gives you an option to select the genre of your book (e-g: science fiction, fantasy, mystery, etc.,)  to generate more accurate titles.
  • Keywords Input: You can type specific keywords that you want to be included in your title. It helps in generating more relevant suggestions.
  • Tone Selection: Using this Book name generator you can choose the tone of the book name, e-g: playful, serious, suspenseful, etc.
  • 100% Free: You can get multiple book title ideas without any daily limit, because this tool is 100% free for all users.
  • Multiple Suggestions: You can select how many title suggestions you want. You can even get 50 book title ideas at once.  

How to Use Book Name Generator


  • Enter Keywords: Enter key phrases according to your book's core.
  • Choose Genre: Select the genre that best fits your book.
  • Set the Tone: Select tone that matches with the overall mood and feel you want your title to convey.
  • Generate Titles: Click the "Generate Titles" button and our tool will create multiple results.


Can I create book titles for Children's books?

Yes, you can create Children's book titles, just type the age at the end of the phrase. 

E-g: type this in the input box “ Magic bag pack,  for the age under 7”

How does the AI Book Title Generator work?

Our AI Book Title Generator uses AI & language models. It analyzes your input (keywords, genre, tone) and generates titles according to it.

Is this tool free to use?

Yes, our AI Book Title Ideas Generator is completely free.

Can I Generate a Research Title?

Yes, you can easily generate a research title by using our research title generator which is specially built to create titles for research papers, essays, etc.

Will the AI steal my book idea?

Absolutely not! The AI Book Title Generator only uses the information you provide to suggest titles. Your book's plot, characters, and overall concept remain completely confidential.

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