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FAQ Generator

FAQ Generator by Editpad is a free tool to generate an optimized list of frequently asked questions for your blog, article, product or service in seconds. 

It uses the latest models of AI to analyze the core aspects of your provided topic or information. After that, our AI FAQ maker writes relevant and detailed FAQs with their answers.

Why Are FAQs Important?

FAQs help you deal with the common queries of your customers about your products, services, or business. They are important to:

  • Provide customers with immediate answers.

  • Improve your brand’s credibility.

  • Streamline your business customer support.

  • Improve user experience.

How to Use Our AI FAQ Generator?

Below are the simple steps to generate a list of FAQs with our Editpad’s FAQ writer tool:

  • Paste your topic, blog, or description into the input Box.

  • Select the tone of voice and number of FAQs.

  • Press the “Generate FAQs” button.

  • The tool will take no time to generate a detailed list of FAQs.

  • Review the output and “Download” or “Copy” it to the clipboard.

Main Features of the AI FAQ Generator

Here are the main features of our AI FAQ writer tool:

1. AI Power

Our AI FAQ Generator tool uses AI power to provide an accurate list of frequently asked questions with clear answers.

2. Relevant Questions and Answers

FAQs and answers generated with Editpad’s FAQ writer tool are highly relevant to the provided information of a website page, product, or service.

3. Different Number of FAQs

The FAQ Generator offers a unique feature of setting the number of FAQs. Using this feature, you can set different numbers of FAQs such as; 1, 5, 10, 15, and up to 30.

4. Adjust the Tone of the Voice

Another useful feature of the tool is the option to adjust the tone of voice for FAQs. For this, the FAQ maker provides a list including; Professional, Catchy, Formal, Serious, and multiple other tones.

5. Quick Results

It is capable of quickly writing FAQs within just a few seconds.

6. Different Outputs

With our AI FAQ maker tool, you can generate different types of FAQs for around the same input and setting.

Benefits of Using the AI FAQ Generator?

Using the FAQ Generator tool will benefit you in multiple ways:

  • You can save a lot of your time and effort by using our FAQs maker.

  • Our tool can help you improve user customer experience by providing answers to their questions.

  • You can easily reduce customer support requests and questions.

  • With detailed and optimized FAQs of our tool, you can drive new traffic as well.

  • FAQs can help you target long-tail keywords, improve your content’s SEO, and rank higher in SERPs.

  • It is a free FAQs maker.


1. What is the best tool to create a FAQ?

Editpad’s FAQ Generator is the best option to create a FAQ. This advanced tool will provide you with a comprehensive list of FAQs from which you can choose a suitable one.

2. Are FAQ pages good for SEO?

Yes, FAQ pages are good for SEO, as they improve user experience by providing quick answers to their queries. They are also a natural place to adjust relevant and long tail keywords.

3. Why is FAQ used?

FAQ is generally used to shortly answer the common queries or concerns of people about topics, products, or services.


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