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    Image to Text Converter

    The Image to text converter enables you to extract text from image with one click.
    It scans the image by using the latest OCR technology and extracts every single piece of text written in the image.

    How to Convert Image to Text?

    To extract the text from the picture by using this online converter, follow the steps below:

    1. Drag or upload a file from the system.
    2. Or, paste the URL of the specific image.
    3. Click the Extract Text button.

    The converter will use the latest OCR technology and generates the extracted text report within seconds.

    What is OCR technology?

    OCR is the “Optical Character Recognition” technology used to convert any image containing handwritten or printed readable text.

    Once the file has been processed through the online OCR, the extracted text can be further edited by using word processing software like MS Word.

    Why use this picture to text converter?

    This Image to text converter is perfect for scanning and extracting the desired readable text from image.

    It further provides the following best features to easily get the required text from any image:

    No Registration

    There is no registration or installation process is required to use this picture to text converter.
    It is completely free and extracts text from the images within a fraction of seconds.

    Image Uploading

    This feature provides an option to upload pictures in PNG, JPEG, BMP, and JPG format. Users can also drag images from their systems without any hurdle.


    Extract Text via URL

    Extracting readable text from the images via URL allows you to get the desired text from any image online.

    Accurate Extracted Text Report

    If you upload a picture in the converter as:
    It scans the entire picture, extracts the readable text, and generates the accurate text report as:

    Copy the Result Data

    This feature gives an option to copy text from image in real-time. 

    Benefits of using Image to Text tool

    There are a number of key advantages of this online converter. Some of them are mention below:

    • The picture to text converter increases the productivity of the users by extracting text in seconds.
    • Businesspersons can use this utility to scans their business documents to create analysis reports without any hurdle.
    • People on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter may found some interesting images. 
    • They can convert these pictures into a readable textual form with one click.
    • The photo converter helps users to edit and update the result text in no time.
    • It makes documents searchable and helps users to easily search specific text written in the file.

    Some Other Resources to Extract Text from Images:

    • Image To Text: An OCR-based image to text extraction tool.
    • Tesseract OCR: It is an open-source library on GitHub to extract text from images.
    • Google Lens: An image recognition technology developed by Google.
    • Live Text: This technology is available for live text extraction on the iPhone's camera.
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