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    Case Converter

    You can change the case style of the written content from lower case to upper case. 
    It provides multiple options to capitalize, un-capitalize, and transform the text in different font cases.

    How to use it?

    To convert to title case:     

    1. Write or paste the text into the input box.
    2. Select the desired text case.

    When you select a case style, it converts the text and shows the output.  

    Why Choose Our Case Converter?

    Caps converter can easily change the alternate case and inveRse letters. 
    It gives you the following useful options: 

    Sentence Case

    Capitalizes the first letter of every sentence and changes the remaining letters into small text. 
    All letters after the period will be turned into upper case letters. 

    This is the sentence case

    Lower Case

    If you want to un-capitalize all the letters, this lower case converter will change them to lower case letters. 
    Paste the text you want to convert to lowercase into the input box and select the “Lower Case” option. 

    this is the lowercase

    Upper Case

    The upper case converter changes all the written letters into capitals.
    It will make all the lower case letters into the uppercase form.


    Capitalized Case

    The capitalized case converter converts the starting letter of every word into the capital form and leaves the remaining letters in the lower case.      

    This Is A Capitalized Case

    Alternating Case

    The alternating case converter provides you with a letter style that switches between capital and lower-case letters. 
    It will produce upper case and lower case letters in a snap of a finger.        

    tHiS Is aN aLtErNaTiNg cAsE

    Title Case

    This option is best for those who need a way to decide on titles. 
    It checks to make sure the correct letters are capitalized in the title. 
    This is a Title Case

    Inverse Case 

    The inverse case converter changes letters from upper to lower case. 
    Type your text into the input box and it will instantly give you output in an inverse case. 

    tHiS Is aN invErsE CasE

    Benefits of using Case Converter

    Many word editing software doesn’t provide the case converting feature.
    Some of the main benefits of using the convertcase online are:

    • It saves you from the wrong capitalization in the sentences
    • The converter helps you in quickly change your text, making it either uppercase or lowercase
    • The capitalization generator helps to capitalize the first letter in the sentence by using the “Capitalized Case”
    • It provides an option to easily set the title of your essay with the “Title Case”
    • It automatically counts the written characters, words, and lines
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