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Readability Checker

The readability checker shows the readability score of the input text along with the Flesch Kincaid Grade Level.

It tells the readability of the given content based on the Flesch reading ease scale that determines how long your words and sentences are.

How to check the readability of your text?

To check the reading level of your text by using this checker, follow the steps below:

  1. Write or paste the text in the above input box.
  2. Click the Check Readability button.

The checker further calculates the exact number of unique words, keywords, sentences, syllables, and total word ratio within a fraction of seconds.

What is the readability score?

A readability score is a specific number that shows how easy or difficult it is to read and understand your content.
This score is based on the Flesch-Kincaid readability test where the higher the readability score shows that the text is quite easy to read.

Why use our readability checker?

The checker helps you to check what grade kids could easily read and understand your content.
The calculator uses the following readability formulas to analyze and generate an accurate reading level score.

  1. Flesch Reading Ease Formula

It is considered one of the most accurate formulas for calculating the reading level of any content.
The formula tells the ease of readability by depending on the average length of the sentence and the average number of syllables per word.

  1. Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level

This formula is widely used to assess the estimated reading grade level of the content.
It calculates the grade level of any content by checking the sentence and word length of the file.

  1. Fog Scale

The fog index focuses on determining the difficulty level of the text. 
It calculates the estimated years of formal education that a person requires to understand the text on the very first reading. 

  1. Coleman-Liau Index

This reading level test is designed by Meri Coleman and T.L Liau to improve the comprehensibility of the text.
The formula is based on the letters of the text, rather than relying on the syllables per word written in the content.

  1. Automated Readability Index

The ARI test is specially designed to quickly assess the understanding level of the text.
The formula used in the test outputs a specific number that estimates the level of grade required to understand the content.

Features of our online Readability Checker

The reading level checker provides the following features that help users to check the reading level of their documents.

Provides Sample Data

The reading level calculator provides an option to add sample data in the input box to check the functionality of the tool.

Grade Levels and Readability Index

This option calculates the Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease and Grade Level of the input content.
It further tells the Coleman Liau, Automated Readability, and Average Indexes of the text. 

Text Statistics

This feature calculates the normal statistics of the given text. 
It calculates the total number of words, the ratio of keywords and total words, unique words & keywords, and the total number of characters without spaces. 

Content Statistics

The checker calculates basic content statistics including the total number of sentences, syllables, and the longest sentence written in the content.  

Keywords Density

This option specifies the density of one, two, and three words in the checked text.
This feature helps users to avoid keyword stuffing for different SEO purposes.

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