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Text Summarizer

Text Summarizer is an AI summarizing tool that allows you to summarize long texts, paragraphs, and articles with their main concept in one click.

Our AI summarizer analyzes the entire document and summarizes the text by picking up the most important concepts.

How to use our AI summary generator?

To use this AI summarizing tool, follow the below guideline:

  1. Write or paste the text in the above input box.
  2. Click the Summarize button.

This AI summary tool will take all the important concepts, condense the input text and generates an accurate summarize text report within a fraction of a second.

What is Text Summarization?

The automatic summarization of any text is the process of shortening a specific set of data to get the most important information.

It is the process of creating a short summary of useful data by getting the main points written in the content.

Our text summarizer uses advanced AI-based algorithms to analyze and summarize your content.

It extracts the best appropriate sentences and generates the perfect summary of the given text.

Why use our Text Summarizer?

Whether you have a research paper, blog content, news article, or any other document, this AI summarize tool will provide the exact information that you want.

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The summarizer further provides the following features:

Accurate Summarized Text

The AI text summarizer tool uses advanced algorithms to create an accurate overview of your text.

Remember, it doesn’t change the meaning of any text. It only analyzes the text and generates the best-summarized text report.

You can use our paraphrasing tool to create a unique output of your content.

Copy the Result Data

This feature helps users to copy the condensed text just within a single click.

Download the File

The summary generator tool allows users to download the result file in doc format. 

Benefits of using an online Text Summarizer 

  1. Generates Instant Results

Now, there is no need to read the entire document to get the main ideas from it.
The summarizing tool works quickly and provides you with important data within a blink of an eye.

  1. Increases Productivity

When you are searching for some important information from an article on the web, it takes both time and effort.
This tool increases your productivity by quickly providing a summary of the input text.

  1. Boosts the Study Process

The summarization tool helps students instantly find the summary of their lengthy essays and other academic work.
It helps them to easily summarize their assignments and notes without any hurdles.

  1. Helps in Skimming

Our summarize tool helps you to skim the important text without performing the skimming process.
It also helps you to review the large content within a fraction of a second.

Text summarizer Users

Our Text summarization tool is used by different people and organizations, such as:


Students have to summarize assignments on a regular basis, our summary generator can help with that. Also, students can quickly summarize large texts or articles for study.

Students can also use our thesis statement generator to write explanatory, argumentative, or analytical thesis statements.


Researchers can use our summarizing tool to convert multiple articles into a manageable summary for their Literature review. For paper writing, researchers need an AI summarizer to synthesize information from multiple sources.


Businesses use this AI summary tool to summarize reports, emails, and other documents for easy reference and decision-making. News organizations summarize articles to generate news headlines.

Professional Writers

Too much content on the same topic? Let our summarizing tool help you with the best lines for your next publication.

SEO Professionals

Meta title and meta description length matters in search engines. To display key points in meta title and description our summarize tool is perfect. You can also create meta descriptions by summarizing website content or you can use our paragraph generator to write summary paragraphs with a single click.


Summarize your customer reviews, feedback, or other data sources for sentiment analysis with our summary generator.

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