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Date & Time
Find the square root of a number.
Calculate the factorial of a given number.
Determine the greatest common divisor (GCD) of two numbers.
Calculate the mean of a dataset.
Determine the median of a series of numbers.
Compute the standard deviation of a list of values.
Find the index of an element in an array.
Search for a value in a dictionary and return the key.
Retrieve the value associated with a given key in a map.
Check if a number is even or odd.
Determine if a given year is a leap year.
Evaluate a logical expression with AND, OR, and NOT operators.
Get the current date and time.
Calculate the difference between two dates.
Format a timestamp into a human - readable date string.
Convert a string to uppercase.
Find and replace a substring within a string.
Extract a substring from a given string.
Merge two arrays into one.
Remove duplicates from an array.
Find the intersection of two arrays.

AI Excel Formula Generator

AI Excel Formula Generator by Editpad helps users to easily generate complex Excel and Google Sheets formulas to automate the solving process.

How to use AI Excel Formula Generator by Editpad?

Using Editpad's AI Excel Formula Generator is very easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Type your problem or purpose in the input box. For example, "Calculate the total sales for each region".
  2. Click on "Generate Formula" button.

After clicking the button, our AI formula generator starts generating the formula as per your prompt and shows the formula in the output box on the right side.


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