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Sentence Expander 

Sentence expander & paragraph expander by Editpad is an AI tool that helps you extend sentences and paragraphs. It improves writing and also makes the text more readable.

By using our AI sentence & paragraph extender you can not only write sentences and paragraphs longer but also you can change the tone of the text.

How to use Editpad's Sentence Expander?

  1. Type/paste your sentence or paragraph in the input box.
  2. Select the option "Make Longer" or "Continue Writing"
  3. Select the tone of the text if required.
  4. Click on "Expand Text" button.


1. What is the AI tool to expand sentences?

Sentence Expander is the AI tool to expand sentences. It uses the power of artificial intelligence to make short sentences clear, detailed, and more interesting to read while keeping the actual context.

2. Why Use a Sentence Expander Tool?

You should use the sentence expander tool to transform your writing engaging to read, more informational, and easier to understand.

3. How to expand sentences for free?

To expand sentences for free use Edirpad’s free sentence expander tool. Just paste your original sentence, select tone, and run the tool, it will immediately expand your sentence. You can run the tool for unlimited times without any subscription plan.


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