List Randomizer

List randomizer lets you generate a randomized list of numbers, names, phrases, and any other text in one go.

Our random list generator gets the input data, put it in a random list, and provides an option to copy it in real-time.

How to randomize a list of names?

Simply follow the below easy steps to create a random list of your content by using our tool:

  1. Type, paste, or upload a file from the local storage.
  2. Alternatively, add a sample from the given option.
  3. Click on the “Randomize It” button.
  4. Copy or download results with one click.

What is a List Randomizer?

A list randomizer is a free online tool where you can quickly randomize a list of random names, items, phrases, and numbers.

The online list randomizing tool makes it easy for you to generate a to-do list with random tasks to decide in what exact order you are going to complete it from the list.

You can use this randomizer name generator to randomize and shuffle a list of different names and tasks. Once you are done with randomizing a list with our tool, you can use our alphabetizer to alphabetize the list quickly and easily.

Useful Features of our online List Randomizer

Some useful features of this online tool are:

  • It lets you copy and paste the data directly into the input box without any hassle.
  • It provides an “Add Sample” option that helps you check the list randomization process without inserting your content.
  • This list randomizer enables you to upload a file from the local storage of your system. Simply click on the “+” icon, select the “Upload a file” button, and import a file from the local storage.
  • Our randomizing generator gets your data and arranges it into a randomized list in one go. Whether it is names, sentences, or paragraphs, this randomizer lists your names, numbers, and other items in random order. You can further shuffle the list as many times simply by using the “Randomize it” button.
  • Once you are done with the list randomizing process, you can use the “Click to copy” feature to copy results in real-time.
  • The “Download File” feature lets you download the randomized data to the local storage of your system only in .DOC format for future use.
  • This randomizer generator is completely free and easy to use for everyone. Simply go the, find, and open “List Randomizer” to randomize your data.

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