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Online Rich Text Editor

The rich text editor allows users to edit plain text in no time. It helps them to edit simple text with its advanced text editing features.

How to use Text Editor online?

The online editor has a simple interface and provides the best user experience.

To use it, follow the steps below:

  1. Type or paste the text in the input field.
  2. Start editing the plain text.

Features of Online Rich Text Editor

Some of the premium features of this modern text editor are:

  • No Installation

Now, there is no need to install multiple offline editing tools to modify plain text files.
The tool doesn’t require any signup or installation process to modify plain text.

  • Format Editing

The modern text editor provides a feature to change the format of the written document.
It allows you to bold the specific text and provides an option to add headings in the written text as well.

  • Adding Special Characters

It provides an option to add special characters into the written document as per requirement.

  • Setting Text Alignment

This option helps you to easily adjust the alignment of the written content either in the center, right, left, or in the default location in the input box.

  • Add Listings

It allows you to add numbered or bullet listings into the written content just within a single click. 

  • Link & Table Insertion

You can quickly insert a link into the specific anchor text by using link insertion.
The tool also provides an option to insert tables in the written content according to the requirement.

  • Date & Time Insertion

Our online editor provides an option to insert the date and time in different formats as shown:

  • Page Break

This online utility helps you to quickly add a page break anywhere in the content.

  • Preview and Print

This option help users to easily preview and print the edited text.

  • Inserting Media Files

You can add desired media files to the content simply by adding the source code and dimensions.
It also provides an option to embed online videos and specific audio files in the document.

  • Find and Replace

The document editor provides an option for users to easily find and replace specific words in the content.

  • Downloading Options

Once you have done with the editing, our tool provides an option to download the edited file in either Text, PDF, or DOCX format.

  • Compatibility

The online editpad provides multiple editing options and is compatible with all mobile devices & laptops.

Who can use this Rich-Text Editor online?

The main users of our free online tool are mentioned below:


Students use this online text editor to modify their assignments, essays, and other academic documents in no time.


The standard text editor helps teachers to create exam papers and notes for students without any hurdles.


Bloggers can use this utility to edit their blog posts with multiple online text editing features.
It helps them to edit unlimited files to make their blog content more effective and impressive.

Social Media Experts

Every social media expert can use this tool to modify their post descriptions without installing any software.


The developers can use this rich text editing utility to create web pages without any hurdles.
It helps them to easily get the source code of the edited text with one click.

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