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Grammar Checker

Editpad provides a free grammar checker to correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes within a fraction of seconds.

It scans your text for all types of mistakes and gives the best possible suggestions to improve your writing style.

How to use this Grammar Checker?

To use this grammar check tool, follow the below guideline:

  1. Write or paste the text in the above input box.
  2. Click the Check Grammar button.

The checker will scan the entire document, highlight the writing mistakes, and give the possible mistake suggestion to make it correct.

Why use our online Grammar Checker?

A grammar check is an important thing for writers to write effective and error-free content.
If you are having poor grammar rules in your documents, you cannot describe exactly what you want to say.

Our grammar corrector helps you to improve the basic grammatical errors in the document and offers the following features:

Copy and Paste

It allows users to paste the desired document in the input field to save time.

Highlights the Errors

After checking the complete document, it highlights spelling mistakes in red, and punctuation & grammar mistakes in yellow colors. 

Fix Spelling Errors

It helps to correct all the spelling mistakes highlighted in the sentence.
This feature provides the best possible suggestion to fix the writing errors.

Correct Grammar Mistakes

The online grammar corrector provides suitable suggestions to make sentences grammatically correct. 

Eliminates the Punctuation Errors

The punctuation checker highlights all the punctuation mistakes written in the checked text.

Resolve all Errors

The checker shows the total number of errors and provides an option to fix all the writing mistakes in the checked file with one click.

Free to use

Our utility is completely free to use and is compatible with every smart device.
It also provides a utility to edit the checked content with multiple unique features.

Importance of Grammar Checker

It is not easy for every writer to create unique content with perfect grammar.
Grammatical and punctuation mistakes in the content could be one of the world’s most boring and irritating things.

It consumes a lot of time to check grammar errors by proofreading the content line by line.

To deal with this, use our online grammar corrector to improve all writing errors within a blink of an eye.

It is important to use this punctuation checker because it provides the following benefits: 

  • Enhance Writing Skills

This utility helps you to enhance your writing skills by fixing all the writing errors in no time.

  • Saves Time

Editing and proofreading a longer content for grammar and punctuation mistakes takes a lot of time. 
The checker saves time by allowing users to check and correct the mistakes without any hurdle.

  • Make the content more readable

The main purpose of the writers is to convey their ideas in such a manner that the readers can easily understand the context of the content.

However, if the grammar of the content is not up to the mark, the readers will lose their interest to read more.
Our tool takes care of all of this and allows users to correct all writing errors with its useful features.

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