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Wingdings Translator

Wingdings translator is a free online tool that lets you translate simple English into Wingdings font quickly and easily.

Our Wing Ding translator turns your text into Wingdings by using symbols and unique characters and gives you the option to copy them in real-time.

How to use Wingdings Translator?

To make a quick English to wingdings translation, follow the below instructions:

1.     Type or paste your text into the above input box.

2.     Or, load the sample text to see quick results.

3.     Copy the translated text from the right output box.

What is Wingdings?

Microsoft developed Wingdings font in 1990, which contains unique characters to represent specific symbols.

The unique and special characters are also called “Dingbat” which were used by printers in the early 19s to make text aesthetic.

This font style is considered one of the most recognizable fonts ever as it carries the legacy of dingbats from the 19th century.

Key Features of this Wingdings Translator

Some features that make this tool worthy are:

Simple and Easy to use

The user interface of our tool is quite simple and very easy-to-use. You don’t have to learn any skills to translate your simple English text into Wingdings format.

Load Sample Text

You can load the sample data provided in the input box in order to see results without using your text.

Simply click on the “Load Sample” button to import sample data and see the translated Wing Dings in the output section.

Type or Paste Content

Now, you don’t have to type lengthy sentences to translate them into the Wing Dings font.

Just copy text from Word or any other resource and paste it into the above input field to translate it.

Instant Wingdings Translation

Our online Wingdings translator converts your text into aesthetic Wing Dings fonts in seconds.

It uses symbols and special characters and automatically translates your simple English to unique Wing Dings.

Copy Results

This feature allows you to copy the translated text in real-time. Simply click on the “Click to copy” and paste the result text wherever you want without any hassle.


Can Wingdings be translated?

Yes, Wingdings can be easily translated by this free online tool. You can use our Wing Dings translator to turn your simple English into the Wingdings alphabet in a few easy steps.

Is Wingdings a real font?

In 1990, Microsoft bought the rights to the Lucida Icons, Arrows, and Stars and combined them into one single font named “Wingdings.

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