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Online HTML Editor

The Online HTML Editor is the best real-time HTML editor with a live visual preview that provides clean HTML.  

This text-based HTML editor can be edited directly. It works in your browser without installing any additional extensions or programs.

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As you know, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) helps us to create a basic structure of a website, so this HTML generator can play a significant role in web development.

What is HTML?

An HTML page describes the content of the page. In general, it is a series of labels that indicate the text and other elements that will be included on a page, i.e. 

  • Images
  • Lists
  • Videos
  • Format

HTML was originally designed to provide information through text and images. 

HTML is a language used to create hypertext documents, which is very easy to learn and allows anyone to create a website, regardless of programming experience.

Who uses HTML Editor?

1.    Web developers:

The creation of websites on the web relies heavily on HTML. Links to other pages are created with HTML tags embedded in a page.

2.    Web document creators

HTML and document object models (DOM) are the most widely used tools for document creation on the web. It is necessary to insert HTML tags before and after phrases or languages to identify their format and location on a webpage.

3.    Game Developers

In light of HTML5, including CSS3 and a light-weight JavaScript engine that provides a new rich experience, HTML5 brings game development to the reality that it deserves to be.

Basic Usage

This free HTML editor acts like a regular text composer. 

Write the text with proper formatting in the left section and in the meantime, you will notice changes in the HTML coding in the right section of the textarea.

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You can edit the HTML according to the requirement of your web development. 

In short, all you have to do is just write the text or copy-paste from the document.
If the destination HTML code is not exactly what you need, then edit it according to the requirement of your webpage.

Test Example: 

In the following example, let's see what this HTML editor can do for you.

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We entered an image and some text with a listing. You can see how effectively it is converted into tags.

  • You can edit the content of both sides and both will work accordingly.


    This tool will get you your exact content, whether you're copying from Google Docs or Word, or Excel. 
    This way you can create HTML documents from existing Word and Google Docs documents and

    LibreOffice files much faster than any other tool. 

    In short, paste the content and copy the source code to use the HTML coding.

    While many platforms include free, online HTML editors, the thing that makes this HTML tool stand out among the rest is its originality.

    This tool provides the latest and best features if you are looking for a fast online solution.

    Here is what included in our online HTML editor:

    1. This tool does not require any installation or registration.
    2. You can easily edit HTML/Text in the browser without any programming knowledge required.
    3. To perform operations on the site, scripts are used. The page loads once and everything is done at lightning speed.
    4. Any change you make in either the source or the rich text editor is immediately reflected in the other.
    5. Having the freedom to jump between tasks will greatly enhance productiveness.
    6. With our responsive design, visitors can access the HTML editor on their desktop computers and their mobile devices as well.
    7. Free to use, this amazing editor won't cost you a cent.


    The Online HTML editor is not intended to create complete websites, so it creates only the body content, not the headers and footers. 

    To write formatted HTML in an application, website, or content management system (CMS), this Editor can be very handy.

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