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Alphabetizer is an alphabetical order sorter tool that makes it easy for you to arrange any list in the correct alphabetical order.

Our list alphabetizer organizer lets you sort your text into both A-Z and Z-A alphabetical orders within a fraction of seconds.

This online alphabetical order sorter also helps you to remove duplicate words from content and allows you to organize your text in both Short to Long and Long to Short orders.

How to use our Alphabetizer?

To organize your lists in the right alphabetical order, follow the below steps:

  1. Enter your text into the input box or take help from the sample.
  2. Choose the output function form from the given options.

Once you select the function, our list alphabetizer will quickly make changes to your content in real-time.

Different Options Available in this Word Alphabetizer

This free tool provides several useful functions and some of them are:

Alphabetize List

Our alphabetize list tool makes it easy for you to sort lists alphabetically with one click.

Just enter the list into the tool and use the “Sort A-Z” button to organize it in the right alphabetical order.

Reverse Listing

This option will help you to organize the list in reverse alphabetical order.

Simply use the “Sort Z-A” button and our tool will quickly organize your list in the reverse order in less time.

Sort Content According to Length

You can use this function to arrange your content depending upon the length of words or phrases.

In terms of length, our tool allows you to organize content into the below two options:

  • Short to Long
  • Long to Short

Removes Text Duplication

This function of our word alphabetizer helps you to remove duplicate words, phrases, sentences, or paragraphs from the content with one click.

Useful Features of Alphabetizer Tool

Some of the key features of this online utility are:

Free for everyone

You do not have to buy a subscription to change the order of your text.

Simply go the, search for the Alphabetizer, open the tool, and start making changes in your content as per your requirement.

Load Sample Option

If you are a little bit confused about how this tool works, then you can use this feature to load and test the sample to see the results.

Copy to Clipboard

This feature allows you to copy the sorted text in real-time without any hassle.

Details about the Input Content

Apart from changing the alphabetical order of your content, our alphabetizer organizer also tells the below details about the input text:

  • Number of input characters.
  • Number of input words.
  • Exact number of lines written in the input field.

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