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Remove Line Breaks

Remove Line Breaks by Edipad is an online tool that works to automatically replace the extra line breaks with just a single new line. You can use the remove line breaks tool, to instantly remove all the line breaks from your content.

How To Use the Remove Line Breaks Tool?

Steps to use the free remove line breaks online tool by Editpad:

  • Paste your content or upload a text file.

  • Select one of the options; Remove Extra Line Breaks or Remove all line Breaks.

  • Hit the “Remove Line Breaks” button.

  • Our line breaks remover, will instantly remove all line breaks from your text.

  • The tool will provide you with output that you can either “Copy” or “Download”.

Features of Editpad’s Remove Line Breaks Tool

Below are the main features of our remove line breaks online tool:

1. Advanced Tool

Our tool’s advanced technology makes it capable of accurately removing line breaks from text.

2. Fast Working

It is a fast tool that immediately removes all line breaks, even from long-form content. This feature of the tool will save you time.

3. Multiple Options

Editpad’s line breaks remover offers multiple options. You can either remove just extra line breaks or all the line breaks using the corresponding option.

4. Counts Line Breaks

The tool also tells the number of line breaks in the input text and output. The tool also displays a number of words and letters, as an additional feature.

5. Input Options

The line breaks remover by Editpad provides multiple input options. You can type, paste, or upload the text file into the input box.


1. How do you remove a line break?

To remove a line break, we use an automatic way that is by online line breaks removed from Editpad. We just pass our text through the tool and it removes line breaks within a few seconds.

2. What is a line break in a sentence?

A line break in a sentence is a point where a line of text ends and the next or new line starts.


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