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Emoji Translator

The emoji translator helps you to translate the text into the text-filled relevant emojis within seconds.
For each relevant keyword, it generates multiple possible emojis and allows you to select the desired one.

How to use Emoji Translator?

To convert emojis online by using our emoji generator, follow the below guideline:

  1. Enter your text in the left input box.
  2. Copy the generated text with emojis from the right output box.

You can also upload sample data simply by using the Load Sample Data feature.

What is an Emoji?

An emoji is a graphical image that reflects a certain facial expression. 

Normally, they are created by using the drawing tool and are integrated into a specific 16-bit Unicode.

It helps them to make emojis compatible with multiple operating systems like iOS and Android.

Example of Emoji:

Following is an example of English text converted into emojis by our English to emoji translator.

Inputted text:

Hello, How are you doing?
I am fine what about you?

Emoji text:

👋, How 👉 😀 😊 doing?
😀 😊 👉 fine 😦 about 😀? 😊? 

What is the difference between Emojis and Emoticons?

Emojis 😀 😊 👉 are the graphical or animated Unicode illustrations widely used to include in the text as objects.

Whereas, emoticons are created by using ASCII characters. Users do not require any specific coding to generate them.

Thus, emoticons can be easily added to a text message just by using a combination of letters.

Features of Our Emoji Generator

Some important features of the emoji converter are below:

Provides Sample Data

This feature provides an option to load sample data to quickly check the working of the generator.

Convert Text with Relevant Emojis

The converter translates the input text to the most relevant emoji within a fraction of seconds.
If you enter your text in the translator as:

The generated output will be: 

Generates Different Versions of Emoji

The translator further generates different types of the same emoji for the best selection.

Copy the Result Data

Once the translator converts the text, it provides an option to copy it in real-time within a single click.

No Installation Process

The emoji translator does not require any installation or signup process to translate simple text into emoji sentences.

Simply open the generator and start translating text to the emoji within seconds.

Uses of Emoji Translator

Some key uses of this word to emoji converter are:

  • You can use this translator to replace specific words with emojis while sending messages on social media platforms.
  • It enables you to express your expressions in the perfect way.
  • The emoji generator helps users to create laminated cards with the required emojis.
  • It can be used to send a short and funny message on a social app like Instagram.
  • Our translator also helps users in adding emojis to the pictures while editing them on Facebook.

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