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    Character Counter

    Character counter helps you in counting characters with spaces and without spaces in real-time.

    Our character counter online tells the exact reading time required to read the input text. You can then copy the input text and paste it wherever you want at the same time.

    How to use character counter online?

    To count characters by using our text character counter, follow the below steps:

    1. Type, paste, or upload a file from the local storage.
    2. Check the numbers of characters with and without spaces in real time.
    3. Click on the Copy to Clipboard icon to copy input text.

    Useful Features of this Online Character Counter

    Free to use

    Our tool is completely free for everyone. You don’t have to buy any subscription to count the number of characters with our char counter.

    Simply go to Editpad.org, search for the Character Counter, open the tool, and insert your text to check its characters with and without spaces.

    Files Uploading

    To upload files from the local storage, simply click on the Upload File icon. It allows you to import TXT, DOC, DOCX, and PDF files from the local storage with one click.

    Characters with spaces

    Our character counter with spaces tells the actual numbers of characters written in the input box.

    It counts every single space as a character and adds it to the total count in the output box.

    Characters without spaces

    This feature of our character counter without spaces doesn’t read spaces as characters.

    It separately increases the total number of characters without spaces in the output box.

    Reading Time

    This feature of our online characters counter tool tells the actual time required to read the content written in the input box.

    Copy Text to Clipboard

    You can use this feature to copy the input text and paste it wherever you want in real-time without any hassle.

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