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Big Text Generator

This bigger text generator gets the input text, makes text big, and gives an option to copy it in real-time.

How to create big letters by using this tool?

Our generator comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Simply follow the below four steps to generate bigger letters:

  1. Type or paste the text into the above input box.
  2. Click on the “Generate” button.
  3. Copy the big text from the right output box.
  4. Use the “Clear Text” button to start a new session.

Features of our Big Text Generator

Use Sample Data

This bigger text generator provides sample data to make it easy for you to check it's working without inserting your text into it.

Just click on the “Load Sample” button to import sample data and use the Generate button to see the quick results.

Paste Text into the Generator

To get rid of typing lengthy content, you can directly copy and paste the content into the input box to create large texts.

Instant Text Conversion

Our big text generator gets the input content and converts it into large fonts by using cool letters and special characters.

If you enter the text “Big Text”, the output will be:

To create small text for your content, you can take assistance from our small text generator. It gets the input words and sentences and generates three different small versions of it within seconds.

Clear Text with one click

You can use this feature to clear both input and output fields and start a new text conversion process.

Simply click on the “Clear Text” icon and start creating huge and big letters for social media posts and more.

Copy Big Text

This feature of our big text font generator lets you copy the output big fonts and paste them into Word documents and other files in real-time.

Use the “Click to Copy” button and paste the text wherever you want without any hassle.

Free for all

Our big text generator is completely free and easy to use for everyone.

Just go to, search and find the “Big Text Generator”, open the tool and start generating large letters for any purpose.

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